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What do I do after I pass the licensing exam?

Our courses are designed to prepare you for your insurance producer or registered representative licensing exam. In general, the name of the course will correspond with the name of the license that you are trying to obtain. We highly encourage you to speak with your employer or the appropriate regulatory agency to determine which course would be most appropriate for your licensing goals.

This is your Education description. Concisely describe your degree and any other highlights of your studies. Make sure to include relevant skills, accomplishments, and milestones gained. Don’t forget to adjust the timeframe in the subtitle.

Apply for your insurance on the Kansas Insurance Department website. This can be done before or after taking the licensing exam. Along with applying, you will have to submit fingerprints for state and national criminal history background checks (we recommend going to your local police department).

Which course should I take?

What are the Continuing Education requirements for Kansas?

Continuing education is required for all resident Kansas producers.  Renewal date is date of birth, every 2 years.  Licensees born in odd-numbered years renew in odd-numbered years. Licensees born in even-numbered years renew in even-numbered years. Carryover hours are not allowed and courses may not be taken for credit more than once in a renewal period

Kansas requires  12 hrs biennially for Life/Health or Property/Casualty licenses and 24 hrs biennially for combined LH/PC licenses.

Line Specific Requirements:
Courses must be taken in license type held

1 hr - for Life/Health or Property/Casualty licenses
2 hrs - for combined LH/PC licenses

3 hrs - Property/Casualty producers who sell flood insurance policies must complete a one time 3 hour course on NFIP Basic Flood education

Long Term Care Partnership
4 hrs - Producers that will sell, solicit and negotiate LTCi policies must complete a one time 4 hour course on LTCi (producers have until 7/1/10 to show the insurer that they have complied with requirement) and complete a 1 hr course on LTCi each biennium, thereafter.

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