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How to get your Kansas Insurance License

There are four steps to obtain your Kansas insurance license, also called a Resident Producer License.

  1. Verify Licensure Eligibility

  2. Prepare for your Licensing Exam - This is where Norris Training Comes in!

  3. Pass your Licensing Exam

  4. Apply for your Kansas insurance License

Verify Licensure Eligibility

The Kansas Insurance Department provides a listing of eligibility requirements to obtain a resident producer's license. Full listing and instructions can be found here

  1. Be at least 18 years old.

  2. Apply for tax clearance from the Kansas Department of Revenue and submit it to the Department.

  3. Submit the NAIC Uniform Application for Individual Insurance Producer License online via the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). ($30 application fee and a $60 fingerprinting fee are required at this time)

  4. Be fingerprinted and submit to a criminal history background check.

  5. Electronically submit a Waiver agreement and FBI Privacy Act Statement (Fingerprint Waiver Form) to the Department.

  6. If you hold a license from another state and are moving to Kansas, provide a clearance letter from your former state of residence. (A clearance letter is not required if the applicant’s former state of residence participates in the NAIC’s Producer Data Base [PDB].)

  7. If Variable Contracts authority is required, provide evidence of FINRA registration. (Series 6 or 7).

  8. Pass the appropriate licensing examination. (Licensing test scores are valid for two years from the date of examination.)

  9. Comply with all licensing requirements within one year of the date of your application. Applications and fingerprints are valid for one year.

Prepare for Your Kansas Insurance Licensing Exam

While licensing training is not required to take your Kansas licensing exam, those who do have a significantly higher chance of passing their licensing exam when they complete one of Norris Training's exam preparation courses. Norris Training has focused on educating future insurance agents for nearly 50 years!

Property and Casualty, or Life and Health courses are offered on alternating weeks throughout the year on Mondays and Tuesdays. Teacher-led Pre Licensing classes are a two-day course covering KS Laws & Regulations, an extensive lines of authority training manual, online quizzes, and a test-taking strategy guide. This is available in person & over video conferencing.

Call or email us to enroll!

Phone: 316-685-5621

Pass Your Kansas Insurance Licensing Exam

Exam Format

Each major authority line examination is given in a multiple-choice format consisting of two parts. A general section covers basic insurance product knowledge, and a second state section covers state-specific insurance laws, rules, regulations, and practices.

Most licensing examinations will include pretest questions used for gathering statistical information. Kansas Insurance Department will use these pretest questions in constructing future exams. Incorrectly answering pretest questions does not affect a candidate’s score, however, pretest questions are not identified. The number of pretest questions is listed in the exam content outline heading. If no number is present then there are no pretest questions for that particular examination.

How is the exam scored?

When the time has expired, the examination will automatically end. Candidates will know the status of the test passage when they leave the test center with their official scores in hand.

The passing score of the exam is determined by the Kansas Insurance Department.

The passing score for a Kansas Insurance Licensing exam is 70%.

When candidates complete the examination, they will receive a score report marked “pass” or “fail”. A candidate who fails will receive a score; those who pass will not. Candidates who pass the examination will also receive information on how to apply for a license.

Apply for your Kansas Insurance License

You do not have to wait until you've passed your licensing exam, you may submit fingerprints and background checks anytime.

You must apply for your Kansas Insurance License through either the Producer Desktop or submit the NAIC Uniform Application for Resident Individual License, along with the Application and Fingerprint fees, to the Kansas Insurance Department. Information on how to apply is found at Candidates may apply either in advance of taking the exam or after passing the exam.

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